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Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One - maxbone

Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 3 minutes Date: August 12, 2020

Hi, I’m Chelsea The Chi ! I’m 9 months old, and my parents recently got me a little brother named Olaf, who is now 13 weeks old. I didn’t know what to think of him at first, but after some consideration and careful sniffing, I’ve come to realize there may be some benefits to this arrangement. Let me tell you the reasons why I decided it’s better to be an older sister than an only child. 

Reason #1: To have a playmate and partner in crime

This is the most important reason of all. It’s not that my old life was bad or anything, it’s just that nothing beats pawing my brother Olaf in the face. I especially love playing tug-of-war together with my favorite Max-Bone Olga the Owl Plush Toy. We haven’t been able to destroy it quite yet. Sometimes I pick it up and run off with it just so he chases me. Other times, I even let him have it, but only when nobody’s looking. It took a little while to admit, but it turns out I like having Olaf around.

Reason #2: A companion to go on adventures with

Sometimes I get nervous being around lots of people, but my brother is fearless and helps me feel more at ease when we go on walks in new places. Mind you, I’m rarely without my Max-Bone Emil Harness, which is both lightweight and comfortable, and I like to pair it with the chic and timeless Stella leash, featuring a two-toned light pink faux crocodile + burnt cognac with gold hardware. But even I have to admit, there are times when a brave brother is the best accessory of all.

Other times, when mom takes us shopping or out to dinner, I share my Max-Bone City Carrier with Olaf. Luckily, it can hold up to 30lbs and comes with a removable faux Sherpa lining that makes washing easy if my brother has an accident. Plus, we never have to worry about falling out because there’s an interior leash clip to keep us secure. I like adventures much better when I feel safe with my trusty new companion.


Reason #3: 
You never have to eat alone

I love sharing my dinner with Olaf, even though he always finishes his food first and then tries to eat mine. Thankfully, mom got us matching Max-Bone Rubber Travel Bowls, which came in really handy during the move to our new home. They’re easy to clean, collapsible, and have a clip to attach to my travel bag. They’re also small enough for my 1lb brother to use too! I was a bit hesitant at first, but it turns out sharing is fun and easy, even when it comes to food.


Reason #4: A cuddle buddy (or at least someone to share that king-sized bed with!)

Sometimes, all the play and excitement from having a new brother gets me tuckered out before we’ve even gone on a walk! But that’s just as well because Olaf turns out to be a pretty great cuddle buddy. Mom even got us the Max-Bone Thelma Bed, which is modern, super cozy, and lets us both stretch out comfortably in case we need a bit of space from each other. Best of all, I heard my mommy say that the sleek grey color goes perfectly with the color scheme in our contemporary new home.


I hope my blog has convinced all you parents out there that having two dogs are better than just one! Trust me, I’ve been babysitting and teaching Olaf all the rules of the house – at the end of the day, we’re double the fun with half the effort required from our mommy!

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