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Affiliate Program Perks

Join the program and gain access to maxbone banners, links, and promotions to share on your site or social media platform. When users purchase at maxbone, we offer a commission to you on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes, and returns). Use the impact platform to track real-time traffic and sale.

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How It Works

Whether you’re a professional Instagrammer, a dog lover, a lifestyle blogger, or one of our entrepreneurially-spirited gusts, this is for you. You help us promote our products, services, and events and in enhance, get perks and omission on what people purchase through your posts, it’s a win-win.


Fill out a super-simple Brand affiliate application so we know more about you.


Tell all your friends + fam about your unique affiliate code to earn commission + score free swag!


Follow our affiliate program social channels for all the best content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Through our Affiliate program, we partner with ambassadors (hopefully you!) to help us create fun content. As we launch new products, we invite our affiliate Ambassadors to be part of the launch  and create content about the product. We’ll send you product ahead of time so that you get a firsthand look at all the exciting new items before they’re released. maxbone provides each affiliate ambassador with a code and a tracking link to include in posts and stories. When the code or tracking link leads to a sale, maxbone pays you commission.

Who can join the Affiliate Program

If you have a social media channel or website and love the maxbone brand, please apply to the program.

How Do I Get Paid For My Sales

maxbone partners with an affiliate platform who tracks the sales through coupon code use and tracking links.  This platform pays affiliate ambassadors on a monthly basis.

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