An Expert Guide To a Weekend In The Lake


We may be reaching new levels of wish-we-were-on-vacation anxiety, but pure, unadulterated summer bliss can still be in our near future. To help you get in a summer state of mind, max-bone Ambassador @gia_pacavapoo shares her tips for a day at the lake.

Hi, I’m Gia! I am a 6-month-old Red Cavapoo living in Northeast Pennsylvania. It’s summertime here and nothing beats those summer days and nights at the lake. I spend my summer at our dock on our boat which is situated at a pet-friendly resort  (@silverbirchesresort) nearby. There is so much to do at this resort from lawn games to relaxing in the shade. I have met many fur friends there that I look forward to seeing each week.

I make sure when I’m packing for the day I remember all the important items.  One of my main lake essential items is my Max Bone Life Jacket.  It is so incredibly comfy and will adjust in size for those certain days that I might’ve eaten too many treats. It is very stylish and I love feeling safe and secure especially when I decide to chase that duck or go for a swim, I know I’m covered.

It’s always so much fun out on the boat. There’s much to see, smell, and feel.  I love the breeze when we’re driving across the lake I cannot get enough of the fresh air and seeing all the birds and ducks going by. 


Then when it comes time for me to catch up with my fur friends back at the dock, we all have the same agenda for the rest of the afternoon; have lunch eat treats, play a little ball on the lawn, and relax in the shade and even explore the property.  This is when I love to have the Max bone turkey treat.  It’s a crowd-pleaser.  It’s a crunchy biscuit that’s healthy and tasty.  


Then of course when I decide to go exploring, my mom will grab our daily walk pack which I wear with my Max-Bone Sport Harness used with the Max-Bone Sport Leash to walk around and take advantage of all beauty this resort has to offer including the beautiful sunsets. 


That’s what the lake life is all about. Especially during this time of social distancing, heading to the lake is a great idea, - it gets you outside in the fresh air and allows us to enjoy our wonderful puppy life.  

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Dog-Friendly Melbourne Guide


Small Dog Big City by @eddie.thechihuahua

Hi, I’m Eddie! I’m an 8-month-old Chihuahua puppy living in Melbourne, Australia.

I love city living. You have the benefits of beautiful green spaces and parks, mixed with an abundance of things to do and places to see.

Melbourne is known for its cafe culture, and goodness knows my mum likes her coffee! So today I’m going to take you on a little tour of my city, with its street art, cafes, and culture.

First things first:

When heading into the city with your pup, it’s good to have the essentials.

We always take a comfortable lead and harness, as well as the essential poop bags.

Today I’ve chosen my max-bone sport set, as we have a little rain forecast, so I love that this set is all-weather durable, and the harness is comfortable for lots of walking. A small bag of treats is also handy, especially if you want to take photos or do a little bit of training.

Cute fashion is a must! Melbourne is all about fashion and style - I wouldn’t dare head naykee into the city! Plus we are in the middle of winter - perfect sweater weather.

Today I’ve chosen my Vintage Max Bone Aspen sweater, it compliments my olive sport set perfectly, and I love that it has a hole on the back for my sport harness to be worn underneath.


Plan ahead

City adventures with a pup need to be planned. We are lucky that we have an abundance of outdoor pet-friendly cafes here, make sure you know the ones that have water bowls handy, otherwise, a portable bowl is a good idea to take on your adventure.

Today we are heading to see some of the street art that Melbourne has to offer. You may have seen pics of Melbourne’s street art, and of Hosier lane with its colorful walls and art - it is even more amazing in real life - so much to look at! 


Hosier Lane runs off Flinders lane, which is surrounded by some of the best restaurants and cafes Melbourne has to offer, and it is also quite close to the Yarra River and Federation Square with its beautiful outdoor cafes and restaurants, so there is so much to see and explore here. 

Our city is also home to some wonderful green spaces, we like to start and finish at one of these, and it is also great for getting those toilet stops out of the way before hitting the pavement!



Our Adventure

We started off at the Treasury Gardens just on the edge of the city then headed down Flinders Lane to check out the street art as our first point of call. 

AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place are just ahead of Hosier lane, so we wandered down those first to check out the artworks before heading to the main attraction. 

Hosier Lane can get really busy at times with people taking in the artworks, so time your visit for a quieter day or earlier in the morning if your dog isn’t that comfortable with crowds. We were lucky to almost have the lane to ourselves to take in all the sights on the day we headed in.

After grabbing some pics we headed off to Arbory - a dog-friendly outdoor cafe on the Yarra River for lunch. They bring a water bowl to your table for dogs, plus they have outdoor heaters to take off that winter chill. For a small pup like me, this was also a great bird-watching spot! 



After a delicious lunch a stroll back down the river, and up to Flinders Street Station, and Federation Square to take in the Architecture then back to Flinders Lane to find a dessert spot.

This trip we chose Roule Galette, a little French Creperie off Flinders Lane, those crepes sure looked delicious! They were very happy to have a little pup to visit them. And mum gave me a little bit of banana as a treat, yum! (But I really wanted the entire crepe).


City trips can be a lot of walking for a small pup, so we headed back up Collins Street to window shop the fashion houses, before stopping back in at the Treasury Gardens for some duck watching and a toilet stop before heading home.

I can’t wait for my next city adventure!

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Dog Travel Checklist: What to pack


Michigan to Dallas - Traveling Essentials.

max-bone Ambassador Archer is a 4 years old Yorkshire terrier, he and his family drove from Ann Arbor, MI to Dallas, TX to quarantine for a bit. Here are Archers' and parents’ essentials.


1. Emil Harness: This lightweight and comfortable harness is one of Archers’ favorite pieces. Parents will also love it because it’s super easy to put on. Your dog just has to step in. Bonus: it’s modern and fashionable!



2. Cleansing Wipes: After each stop we make, Archer likes to use the Aloe & Oatmeal Cleansing Wipes. Not only do they keep him clean from head to toe, but they smell amazing! Tip: while on a road trip, it is important to factor in stops every two to three hours for restroom breaks and stretching everyone’s legs. We try to stop at rest stops because those typically have designated dog areas.



3. Travel Bowl: Hydration is key during these hot summer days! That’s why you’ll never see Archer leave home without his travel water bowl. It easily hooks on to his leash for convenience. It’s also collapsible. To keep your dog hydrated, just pop it open and fill.


4. Treats: What road trip is complete without snacks? Bringing an assortment is best since you never know what you’ll crave on the road. Archer’s go-to treats are the Coconut Honey and Peanut Butter Jelly versions from Max-Bone. These nutritious treats also taste amazing. It’s a win-win!



5. Jewel Collar: It’s classic, stylish, and goes with everything! In case you somehow become separated from your pup during the trip, have a dog tag attached with updated information, such as phone numbers and your dog’s name.



6. Music: A vacation-worthy jam sesh is a must! Archer is currently obsessed with:

● The Weekend - Blinding Lights

● Doha Cat - Say So

● Lady Gaga - Stupid Love

● Dua Lipa - Don’t Start Now

● Lizzo - Juice

Road Trip playlist here 

7. For the Humans:

- Be sure to always have your masks in public places. max-bone just dropped the most amazing set! It includes a mask for you and a bandana for your dog (MB mask and bandana).


- Don’t forget the hand sanitizer!

- Research Beforehand It’s a rare road trip that comes without surprises. From construction to the odd gas station that is out of your favorite snacks, little things can add up. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself beforehand by looking up the weather, traffic conditions, and rest stops. 

-Look up your route and plan each stop the best you can. If you know you absolutely need a certain snack, don’t be afraid to pack it at the start. The same goes for the dogs! Be prepared with all of your dog’s vaccination records and other paperwork as you travel. You never know when a change of plans will require you to check into a hotel and/or board your dog overnight as you reach your destination. 

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How To Become a Pet Influencer by @zoeyandpiper_frenchie


We’re so glad you’re here! The product of any influencer is obviously influence! But how do you actually influence your thinking? Max-Bone Ambassador Piper shares four steps to get you started on your unique pet influencer path. Make sure you don’t forget the little people once your dog is famous.


Step 1: What Makes Your Dog Unique

Piper is a one-year-old Red Fawn Frenchie who is a sassy fashion lover. She is obsessed with the color pink and enjoys dressing up in fashionable stand-out attire and stylish high-quality items. One of her favorite pieces is the Christian Cowan Pink jumper feather sweater.


This piece is just that, it is a real show-stopper and brings out the perfect mix of Christian Cowan’s creativity with Max-Bone’s classic sweater silhouette. Your pup will be runway-ready in this fabulous number! 

This beautiful hot pink jumper adds some extra high-fashion fuzz to your canine friend’s look. It is a powerful accessory that will give the smallest pups some extra volume and a lot of pizzazz. Reminiscent of couture sweaters, this jumper is the perfect statement piece for your dog’s wardrobe. A comfy high-rise knitted collar ensures that it keeps your pup warm as well as fashionable.


Step 2: Take Beautiful, Clear, Well-Lit Photos

Make sure you have editing apps and good lighting. UNUM is an app that can help you plan your posts. The app allows you to handcraft layouts, tailor your grid, save posts to drafts and plan the perfect-looking feed. For editing, I also love Lightroom. To create beautiful Stories, I use Unfold. Work with natural lighting where possible. Avoid shooting with your dog between the camera and a window, as this can create shadows. Utilize the natural lighting in the great outdoors, or shoot to the side of a large window. You can also find photographer’s lighting setups from photo supply stores that will give you quality three-point lighting.



Step 3: Be Consistent Consistency is key, especially brand consistency.

Piper chooses to partner with Max-Bone because of its fashionable accessories and style along with all of its essentials for any on the go need. Post often, ideally every day. Create discussions and comments on your posts and comment back on your followers’ accounts.



Step 4: Keep Your Pet in Great Condition

Let’s be honest, having a cute pup helps! Piper loves bath time, and it’s even better that she smells like Pina Colada afterwards. Her favorite shampoo is the Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo. It is great for sensitive skin and leaves her feeling soft and smooth! It is important to keep your pet happy and healthy in order to continue to keep your audience entertained and attract new followers. Remember to give your pet plenty of rest in between photo ops to keep them happy and smiling. Authenticity is key!


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5 Tips to Help Calm Your Dog during Fireworks


With the 4th of July just days away, we thought of how many of our pets react to the sights and sounds of celebratory fireworks. While some just seem to get a little anxious, for others this is downright terrifying and can cause them to flee from home. Often it has more to do with their makeup than their background. Some breeds are more sensitive to noise and will naturally be pre-dispositioned to have a hard time when dealing with the sounds of fireworks. To help you and your best friend we have assembled a list of the top five tips and great products to pull them off help to make them more relaxed during fireworks season.


Tip One: This first tip is a good idea to incorporate into any calming routine that you opt for. Try calming them from within with an all-natural and vegan wellness oil. Max Bone’s MB 150mg Wellness Calming CBD Oil helps to calm the anxiety and also helps their heart. CBD oil is also known to reduce events of seizures and relieve pain and inflammation.


Tip Two: Give them something tasty to get their mind off of what’s going on in the sky. Made with non-GMO and all-natural ingredients, our CBD Apple Smacks Treat is a great tool to have in your bag anytime and anywhere. Calm their fears and reduce any pain that happens to be affecting them.



Tip Three: Give them something else to focus on. While not always easily distracted when they focus on something, your pet is more likely to calm down when introduced to a new toy that they need to break in. Have this Max Bone Taupe Rope Toy ready to present while not focusing on their behavior. Focus on the fun of the toy. The woven ball and large loop will provide plenty of distraction as you play tug of war. This fan-favorite is durable and eco-friendly.


Tip Four: Calm your pet with a snug wrap that provides consistent comforting pressure. Keep the Max Bone Aspen Blanket on for about 30 minutes at a time and remove it for the same amount of time. The pressure applied “hugs” your pet and calms them.



Tip Five: The best advice we give is to plan ahead and be prepared. And of course, you are. What is most important is that you are thinking of them. Talk to your vet to find out what other tips they recommended for your pet specifically. Decide ahead of time if you will stay home with your pet or you will take them away for the night. Plan on holding them close and ensure that they have on their collars with tags that give neighbors information in the event that your pet escapes.

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