Hiking With the Extra Mile Rucksack! – maxbone
Hiking With the Extra Mile Rucksack! - maxbone

Hiking With the Extra Mile Rucksack!

By: Kate Schwanke Read Time: 3 minutes Date: September 13, 2021

Hello everyone! I'm Kate Schwanke and I am a dog mom to the sweetest little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Emma. You can find us over on Insta at @kateschwanke and @little.lady.emma, as well as on our YouTube Channel at kateschwanke! We are an active family who loves the outdoors and having adventures in Tennessee.

Today, Emma and I are super excited to team up with maxbone to talk all about their Extra Mile Rucksack. We recently went on a 2 ½ mile hike with it and it was just fabulous! There have been so many times we have wanted to take Emma with us on trips, but often times she was just too little to take on our adventures. Now with the Extra Mile Rucksack we can spend more time together while we enjoy our time outdoors as a family!




One of my favorite things about the Extra Mile Rucksack is that it is an actual backpack! There are some great shoulder style options available from Maxbone as well, but backpacks are ideal for outdoor adventures. Having my hands free was a must!




The Extra Mile Rucksack has so many great features, let's talk about some of my top favorites! 


  • The mesh on this bag allows tons of airflow for your dog, so whether you have the top open or closed, your dog can still breathe easy. The mesh is also a very sturdy type of fabric, so you don't have to worry about claws scratching it and ruining it.
  • There are several security points on and in this bag that help create a very safe space for your dog. This includes snap closures on the top, a drawstring opening, and a security clip on the inside of the bag to prevent your dog from jumping out.
  • This rucksack is dual purpose: The bottom of the bag completely zips off to become a bed! That is just so incredibly cool, I love it. So if you are traveling and you do not have the space to bring your dogs bed with you, just take your Extra Mile Rucksack!



On our hike, Emma was so comfortable she ended up sleeping in the bed of the bag for most of it. If you are considering this bag for your Cavalier, it is a great option! As long as your dog is 15 pounds or lighter, you can use the Extra Mile Rucksack. Emma is 12 pounds and I managed to do a 2 ½ mile hike with her on my back. By the end I was definitely feeling tired because there were a lot of big hills, but overall I felt pretty good! We took a few little breaks on our hike to check on her and she was great, just make sure you take along some water!


Overall, we have really enjoyed using the Maxbone Extra Mile Rucksack! It's wonderful to be able to take Emma more places with us! Cavaliers love to be with their people (and vice versa), so being able to include her in more activities is the best!





If you would like to see a full review of the Extra Mile Rucksack showing all of the features, and an On the Body look at this bag, check out my Review on my YouTube Channel below by clicking the image! 


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