Weather Any Walk by @ehremy – maxbone
Weather Any Walk by @ehremy - maxbone

Weather Any Walk by @ehremy

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 2 minutes Date: October 23, 2020

Winter is often seen as the time to stay inside, but a drop in temperature shouldn’t put an end to your daily dog walks. Maxbone's ambassador Rémy, shared some tips to help you make it through the winter. Check it out!


Hi, I’m Rémy (follow me @ehremy)! I’m a 9-month old Shih Tzu but you can tell I’ve got some Jack Russell in me. I live in Canada and it’s fall here. The nights are turning brisk but there are still endless green pastures for me to sniff my way through, and boy do I love to. I may be a city pup but I go where the nose knows; rain, mud, or snow makes no difference to me. When nature calls, I’m always ready to hit the road. 

  1. Pack It Up!

Before I go out, I make sure I stuff all the nooks and crannies of my MaxBone City Carrier, or at least daddy does. It’s got a discrete side pocket for keys and cards, and a large front pouch for treats and other goodies. On longer trips, I jump right in and cozy up to the removable shearling lining. But it’s the easy snap enclosure and cotton canvas shell that makes it my most dependable travel companion. Just don’t tell daddy. 

  1. Brrr, bundle up!

Once I’m out, I’m out. I’m not going back inside even once I’ve gotten my fill, or down-fill... So the Aspen Jacket is what I trust to keep warm. Daddy doesn’t scrimp on a winter jacket so why should I? Those dog-park dandies have got nothing on me. Function is where it’s at in my climate but secretly I love how it matches with my fur and adjusts to every curve. 

  1. Zoomies not grossies!

I don’t know about you, but I get the zoomies out from booping my nose, and face into every patch of ground I can find. Daddy calls it the grossies but I call it a fine walk indeed. A quick minute with my Max-Bone Tear Stain Wipes is all I need to feel refreshed after a long day. After that, I scope out my spot near the fireplace so that company can drool all they want over my Aspen Knit Sweater. Daddy thinks it’s attention-seeking. I call it personality. 

Facing the elements can be a feat but function and fashion make it the adventure. A day in the life of a Canadian dog like me never has a dull moment. I’m glad I was able to share a little bit of mine with you and hope it reminds you that even in unprecedented times, you can still weather any walk! 

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk,


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