5 Tips to Help Calm Your Dog during Fireworks – maxbone
5 Tips to Help Calm Your Dog during Fireworks - maxbone

5 Tips to Help Calm Your Dog during Fireworks

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 2 minutes Date: June 28, 2020

With the 4th of July just days away, we thought of how many of our pets react to the sights and sounds of celebratory fireworks. While some just seem to get a little anxious, for others this is downright terrifying and can cause them to flee from home. Often it has more to do with their makeup than their background. Some breeds are more sensitive to noise and will naturally be pre-dispositioned to have a hard time when dealing with the sounds of fireworks. To help you and your best friend we have assembled a list of the top five tips and great products to pull them off help to make them more relaxed during fireworks season.


Tip One: This first tip is a good idea to incorporate into any calming routine that you opt for. Try calming them from within with an all-natural and vegan wellness oil. Max Bone’s MB 150mg Wellness Calming CBD Oil helps to calm the anxiety and also helps their heart. CBD oil is also known to reduce events of seizures and relieve pain and inflammation.


Tip Two: Give them something tasty to get their mind off of what’s going on in the sky. Made with non-GMO and all-natural ingredients, our CBD Apple Smacks Treat is a great tool to have in your bag anytime and anywhere. Calm their fears and reduce any pain that happens to be affecting them.



Tip Three: Give them something else to focus on. While not always easily distracted when they focus on something, your pet is more likely to calm down when introduced to a new toy that they need to break in. Have this Max Bone Taupe Rope Toy ready to present while not focusing on their behavior. Focus on the fun of the toy. The woven ball and large loop will provide plenty of distraction as you play tug of war. This fan-favorite is durable and eco-friendly.


Tip Four: Calm your pet with a snug wrap that provides consistent comforting pressure. Keep the Max Bone Aspen Blanket on for about 30 minutes at a time and remove it for the same amount of time. The pressure applied “hugs” your pet and calms them.



Tip Five: The best advice we give is to plan ahead and be prepared. And of course, you are. What is most important is that you are thinking of them. Talk to your vet to find out what other tips they recommended for your pet specifically. Decide ahead of time if you will stay home with your pet or you will take them away for the night. Plan on holding them close and ensure that they have on their collars with tags that give neighbors information in the event that your pet escapes.

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