How To Become a Pet Influencer by @zoeyandpiper_frenchie – maxbone
How To Become a Pet Influencer by @zoeyandpiper_frenchie - maxbone

How To Become a Pet Influencer by @zoeyandpiper_frenchie

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 2 minutes Date: July 01, 2020

We’re so glad you’re here! The product of any influencer is obviously influence! But how do you actually influence your thinking? Max-Bone Ambassador Piper shares four steps to get you started on your unique pet influencer path. Make sure you don’t forget the little people once your dog is famous.


Step 1: What Makes Your Dog Unique

Piper is a one-year-old Red Fawn Frenchie who is a sassy fashion lover. She is obsessed with the color pink and enjoys dressing up in fashionable stand-out attire and stylish high-quality items. One of her favorite pieces is the Christian Cowan Pink jumper feather sweater.


This piece is just that, it is a real show-stopper and brings out the perfect mix of Christian Cowan’s creativity with Max-Bone’s classic sweater silhouette. Your pup will be runway-ready in this fabulous number! 

This beautiful hot pink jumper adds some extra high-fashion fuzz to your canine friend’s look. It is a powerful accessory that will give the smallest pups some extra volume and a lot of pizzazz. Reminiscent of couture sweaters, this jumper is the perfect statement piece for your dog’s wardrobe. A comfy high-rise knitted collar ensures that it keeps your pup warm as well as fashionable.


Step 2: Take Beautiful, Clear, Well-Lit Photos

Make sure you have editing apps and good lighting. UNUM is an app that can help you plan your posts. The app allows you to handcraft layouts, tailor your grid, save posts to drafts and plan the perfect-looking feed. For editing, I also love Lightroom. To create beautiful Stories, I use Unfold. Work with natural lighting where possible. Avoid shooting with your dog between the camera and a window, as this can create shadows. Utilize the natural lighting in the great outdoors, or shoot to the side of a large window. You can also find photographer’s lighting setups from photo supply stores that will give you quality three-point lighting.



Step 3: Be Consistent Consistency is key, especially brand consistency.

Piper chooses to partner with Max-Bone because of its fashionable accessories and style along with all of its essentials for any on the go need. Post often, ideally every day. Create discussions and comments on your posts and comment back on your followers’ accounts.



Step 4: Keep Your Pet in Great Condition

Let’s be honest, having a cute pup helps! Piper loves bath time, and it’s even better that she smells like Pina Colada afterwards. Her favorite shampoo is the Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo. It is great for sensitive skin and leaves her feeling soft and smooth! It is important to keep your pet happy and healthy in order to continue to keep your audience entertained and attract new followers. Remember to give your pet plenty of rest in between photo ops to keep them happy and smiling. Authenticity is key!


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