Summer Essentials Guide by Emma – maxbone
Summer Essentials Guide by Emma - maxbone

Summer Essentials Guide by Emma

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 2 minutes Date: June 22, 2020

Summer has arrived! To kick it off the right way max-bone Ambassador Emma shares with us her favorite summer must-have products. Emma is all about fashion, style, and quality. She is giving you only the best for summer! From fashionable accessories to essentials for visiting the dog park and things that keep her looking her best, here are the five things your pampered pet will surely need this summer, courtesy of @EMMAPPOO.

The Isabel Leash

Emma’s favorite summer activity is taking long walks by the lake. For this, she opts for the chic Isabel Leash. Available in three cool summer colors, gold plated hardware accents genuine leather and comes complete with a ring to carry those needed poop bags. While the security and durability it offers are important to Emma, it is really all about comfort and style. The Isabel Leash gives us straight summer vibes, especially when it is paired with the Isabel Collar. Emma’s take: “A perfect pairing!  


The Elma Poop Bag Holder

The Elma Poop Bag Holder that attaches to her Isabel Leash is an essential summer outing tool. Emma feels that there is no reason why it has to be any less sophisticated just because it is functional. Available in three colors, the design reminds her of her first toy and one of her nicknames – little elephant! Emma’s take: "I take this bag with me anytime we go out! Besides being the chicest and unique poopie bag I’ve ever seen, this holds a sentimental value to me. Emma’s first toy was a little elephant and one of Emma’s nicknames is little elephant." 


The Milo Double Sided Brush

My pup friends and followers know that there’s no way Emma would be caught out without a beautiful coat. This Milo Double sided brush delivers! It is an essential part of her morning mini spa session. And must be with her all day to maintain that amazing look. The Milo keeps her hair feeling soft, tangle free and shiny all day. Emma’s take: “There’s nothing like starting and ending the day with a pampering brush session!” 


The Ani Jumper

Emma’s favorite part of her summer must haves is this bold leopard print jumper. This go to outfit is perfect for getting a bite to eat in one of Mom’s favorite rooftop bars.  Emma’s take: “This gorgeous jumper sets the tone, wherever I go!”


Coconut Honey Treats

Emma’s big obsession this summer are these coconut honey treats. Not only are they tasty, they are also healthy. Complete with Omega 3 & 7 and non-GMO, they are a heart healthy treat for on the go or around the house. Emma’s take: “Staying healthy is my top priority this summer. I’m always ready for this bit of coconut and honey goodness!”

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