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6 Tips to Make Your Dog Happier during Pet Appreciation Week - maxbone

6 Tips to Make Your Dog Happier during Pet Appreciation Week

By: Test Author Read Time: 3 minutes Date: June 10, 2020

 Ever put some thought into how much richer your life is because of your dog? Well, it’s pet appreciation week, and although we all know we appreciate our dogs, let’s look into how we can make them happier during this week!

You probably already know what would make your dog happy, after all, you probably know them better than anyone, but if you are stuck for ideas, we’ve got your back!

Dog happiness and people happiness aren’t always the same thing, and while just some extra time for play and snuggles might be the top of your dog’s list, here are six tips to bringing even more happiness into your dog’s life this week:


  • Help Your Dog Sleep Better

Did you know that dogs spend about half their life asleep? That’s a lot, and we all know that what we sleep on matters. One way to make your dog happier this week is to replace their old bed with a newer model, while looks probably don’t mean a lot to your dog, they’ll definitely notice the change in comfort level. We all know how much quality sleep means to our wellbeing, and there are so many excellent dog beds on the market. How about a comfy and functional dog bed, like the Thelma Bed. While providing your dog with excellent comfort as they sleep, this one also helps to give your home that chic, modern feel. What’s not to love?

  • Exercise Your Dog

Exercise is essential for your dog’s happiness. While humans sometimes enjoy being couch potatoes, it’s probably not your dog’s idea of a good time. Regardless of the breed of dog you love, regular activity is so important to their health and happiness. You probably already have daily exercise and playtime for your dog built into your day, but how about carving out some extra time this week? Maybe add a new toy too? This sturdy rubber Sport Ball might be just the thing to add to your dog’s toybox in honor of pet appreciation week. In addition to hours of fun, you can add a treat to the center of the ball for an exciting puzzle for your dog.


  • Give Your Dog Extra Playtime

The world doesn’t stop just because of pet appreciation week, but regardless of the looming to-do list you’ve got staring you down, to your dog, anytime is playtime. Maybe carve out some extra playtime this week? With a new dog rope toy you can make playtime count! This woven ball with the large loop is perfect for a tug-of-war, and when you’re done, your dog can spend some time chewing on it while you get on that to-do-list. It’s a win-win!


  • Buy Some New Treats

Good food brings happiness both to people and dogs, and nothing says celebration like a new, tasty treat! How about treating your dog to some new, tasty treats this week? And it doesn’t have to be an unhealthy treat either! Max-bone turkey treats are oven-baked in small batches and crunchy, tasty, and healthy. Grab some of these treats, and your dog is sure to feel appreciated!


  • Take Time for an Adventure

Feel guilty because you’ve been a little too busy lately? Consider going for an outing that’s only for your dog. Maybe your local dog park? Or you could spend a lazy afternoon at the park or the beach? Maybe explore a new trail. The opportunities are endless, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. After all, though it may not hold a lot of appeal for us humans, sniffing a new patch of grass can hold a lot of happiness for your dog.


  • Keep Your Dog Healthy

While maybe not on your dog’s top list of things to love, scheduling regular visits to the vet is still important.  A healthy dog is a happy dog, and though our dogs love us dearly, they can’t always tell us about minor aches and pains they may experience. Loving someone means taking care of them, so how about scheduling your dog’s next vet visit this week?


The Bottom Line

For most dog owners, their dogs mean the world to them, and though your dog doesn’t know pet appreciation week from back-to-school week, it’s a great opportunity to take some extra time to spoil your best friend!


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