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Mork's Life Story by Nikki Carvey - maxbone

Mork's Life Story by Nikki Carvey

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 2 minutes Date: November 04, 2020

My name is Nikki Carvey and I am the Founder of Road Dogs and Rescue, a California-based non-profit organization. Our primary mission is to rescue and rehabilitate medical bulldogs and puppies with birth defects, but also to spread the message of love and compassion towards all animals–both locally where we are, and internationally.

Ace of Hearts

More than 10 years ago I started volunteering for an organization called Ace of Hearts. I had a Pit Bull and an American Bulldog at the time, and they rescued a lot of American Bulldogs. When my Pit Bull, Vinny died, I rescued an English Bulldog, Huxley, aka Bukowski, aka Grumplestiltskin. I wasn’t planning on keeping Huxley, but he made me laugh so much that my foster failed. Huxley cemented my commitment to rescuing bulldogs.

Meeting Mork

A few years after adopting Huxley, I met Mork. When Mork was rescued from a meat truck in China, he was very sick. Thankfully, the amazing women at Harbin SHS and the vets they work with pulled him through. Mork and the other dogs that had been rescued from the meat trade were brought to the US by the organization I worked for, and I wound up adopting him!

Mork’s Pure Happiness

Mork has had a rough life, both during his time in China and after, since he still deals with a lot of health problems. My Mork suffers from IBD, severe skin issues, and even a partially collapsed trachea! But Mork’s physical issues have never stopped him from being a happy, loving dog. He is, and has always been, a dog who shares his pure love and wonder for the world with everyone he meets. Mork just makes people smile.

Mork’s Healing Powers

I’ve had people dealing with depression and anxiety reach out to me to tell me how much it helps them to see Mork so happy. I think because Mork came from such a dark place, and still managed to get out, and find happiness, it reminds people that there can be light in the future, even when things might seem hopeless. We are living in difficult times right now, and it touches my heart that my beautiful Mork is helping people feel more positive and hopeful.

3 fun facts about Mork:

  • Mork loves to lay in the sunshine.
  • Mork is a lot smaller than he looks—only 18lbs!
  • Mork is 99 % cosmic awesomeness!


The Gift of Adoption

I will always encourage people to adopt. There are just so many animals out there who need a good home. Many of them have such tragic stories, and still have so much to give a loving owner. Adopting animals is saving lives, and not always just our dogs’ lives.

While we may look at adopting a pet as “Oh, I am going to give this dog a home!” you might just find, like I did, that it’s really your new dog that is doing the giving. Dogs love unconditionally, and because of this, adoption is truly a gift!

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