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Benefits of mb eats and the freeze-dried diet - maxbone

Benefits of mb eats and the freeze-dried diet

By: MAXBONE LOS ANGELES Read Time: 8 minutes Date: October 04, 2020

Benefits of mb eats and the freeze-dried diet

For so many of us, dogs are considered rightful members of the family, not unlike children. So when it comes to the quality of their food, it only makes sense to take their nutritional needs and safety as seriously as we would for any other member of the pack. The problem is, with current day regulations, the dry kibble that you’re likely feeding your pets contains more ingredients that actively harm their health than have nutritional value.

This is why our new line of mb eats is so committed to bringing the freshest, most high-quality, and delicious freeze-dried foods on the market right to your dog’s food bowl. You may have already heard about the many health benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet, but nothing makes for an easier switch than our line of freeze-dried, raw products, guaranteed to preserve the most nutritional value without the need for refrigeration. Here’s everything you should know about the advantages of a freeze-dried dog food over traditional kibble.



Why choose freeze-dried dog food?

You may naturally be wondering what it is about freeze drying that makes for such a superior product? Freeze-dried foods are more nutritionally dense because they retain their peak nutritional value, and delicious because they retain the essence of the food’s flavor at the optimal moment.

Not only that, but freeze dried food can last for years without spoiling and without the need for refrigeration. The benefits are all centered around the freeze-drying process and machinery, which uses a combination of flash freezing and a unique vacuum environment to draw out 99% of the moisture found in the ingredients.

Unlike dehydration, which leaves a trace amount of moisture and makes the food susceptible to rot and fungus, freeze drying captures each ingredient in mb eats at the peak of its freshness. This means that the food retains the entirety of its proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids essential for your pet’s health and wellbeing.


How is mb eats is made?

We use a modern freeze-drying technique that locks in vital nutrients without cooking the raw food. This keeps all of those life-changing nutrients intact for better nutrition and absorption. Because our method leaves the food with more nutrients and better flavor, the end product is sure to energize your dog in both mind and spirit. All of our formulas are guaranteed to be:

Made in the USA

Made with only fresh, whole ingredients

Made with single-sourced USDA animal protein

Loaded with multi-tasking superfoods

High in protein concentration




What’s Inside Our Freeze-Dried Formulas?

At mb eats, our formulas contain only the key nutrients dogs need, including a unique combination of superfoods for optimal health. We only use the world’s finest ingredients, from wild-caught, responsibly sourced protein to the finest organic fruits and vegetables. Each of our ingredients is strategically formulated for the right nutritional balance to support the health of your dog. 


Blueberries: These small powerhouses pack some serious nutrition and antioxidants. Long considered a superfood, blueberries actually slow the process of aging on a cellular level. This is because they contain anthocyanins, which are powerful anti-inflammatory agents that help fight cancer, support urinary tract health, and offer a number of other benefits to your dog. Studies also show that anthocyanin may play part in reducing weight and helping maintain optimal shape.


Cranberries: Cranberries offer numerous vitamins and minerals necessary for your dog’s health and wellbeing. This superfood is specificaloy high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, and minerals such as manganese. It is this unique combination that helps boost your dog’s immune system, prevents infections and even cancer. Cranberries are also great for alleviating stomach ulcers, and are known to prevent plaque build up on your dog’s teeth.


Turmeric: This golden spice is equally beneficial to dogs as it is to humans, and can deliver a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties to support your dog’s health. That is some serious ammunition to help fight cancer, support liver functions, improve arthritic conditions, and help support your dog’s gastrointestinal system, among other benefits.


Chia seeds: You wouldn’t know it by looking at a tiny chia seed, but this little superfood contains an immense amount of nutrition, including: protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, antioxidants, Vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids. It is no wonder chia seeds are considered a top supplement to your dog’s diet that not only supports their immune system, but helps improve the condition of your dog’s skin, coat, joints, and intestines. Chia seeds even help regulate your pet’s blood sugar levels and support a healthy insulin functions. 


Ginger: Humans have long known the healing benefits of ginger, but many don’t realize that these benefits can also apply to your dog. Much like in humans, ginger can be used to alleviate symptoms of nausea and promote healthy digestion. This potent superfood also helps protect your dog against cancer, reduces the occurrence of heartworm, and is even great for your dog’s skin.


Carrots: Thanks to a nutrient called beta-carotene that is found in orange fruits and vegetables, carrots are an excellent way to strengthen your dog’s immune system, eyesight, and even their coat! Carrots are also a great source of fiber, making them ideal for support for your dog’s digestive tract.


Apples: It turns out, “an apple a day” is a rule that applies to dog’s as well as people. This superfruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C, calcium, and fiber. Did you know, that apples are also great for your dog’s dental health? Not to mention, they’re delicious.


Seaweed: Just because your dog’s a land animal, doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from nutritionally dense seaweed. Not only is this superfood rich in iron, magnesium, and iodine, it also contains plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are excellent for both your dog’s health and appearance. In fact, seaweed can have an amazing effect on your dog’s skin and coat.


Sweet potato: Some dog owners may hesitate before feeding their dog sweet potato, but they’re an amazing source of fiber and essential vitamins like B6, A, C. Sweet potatoes are a great way to support your dog’s digestive system while providing a sweet tasty addition to any food formula. 


Salmon: This fatty fish is another great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help support your dog’s immune system, reduce inflammation, and keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and full of shine. Salmon is also a great option for dog’s that are allergic to other types of proteins.


Broccoli: This vegetable is an excellent source of Vitamin K, which plays a major role in supporting your dog’s bone density. This is important for all dogs, but especially so for those reaching an older age. Broccoli also contains high levels of Vitamin C and potassium to support your dog’s health and longevity.


Kale & Spinach: We know that dark, leafy vegetables are essential to human health, and this is also true for our canine companions. Kale and spinach contain nutrients such as: calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C and K to help reduce your dog’s risk of developing cancer – in some cases, by up to 90%. These superfoods also have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and are an excellent source of fiber.



What’s Not In Our Formula?

We believe that what we keep out of your pet’s food is equally important as what we put into it. That is why we’re committed to creating formulas without artificial preservatives or coloring. Because the freeze-drying technique retains all of the nutrients within our ingredients, we never add synthetic vitamins or minerals to the mix. The same goes for any added fillers or flavorings. Our mb eats formulas contain zero gluten, grains, or sugar. There is never added corn or wheat in any of our products.


Benefits Of Freeze Dried Food

So what can you expect after making a switch to mb eats freeze-dried foods from standard dog food?

1. For starters, you’ll notice your dog enjoying the food more. That’s because our formula tastes delicious, like the real ingredients that it contains – not processed grain and by-products.

2. You’ll also notice an increase in your dog’s energy levels, improved digestion and reduced amounts of stool. That’s because your dog’s body is able to digest and retain more of the nutrients from real food than they ever could from processed, dry kibble.

3. You’re bound to detect a change in your dog’s outer appearance, which includes a shinier coat, smoother skin, and healthier weight. You’ll also smell the difference in the health of your dog’s teeth and gums, as you’re met with fresh breath during your greetings.

4. But the most important will likely be more difficult to detect, such as an increase in your dog’s immune system, and stronger bones. With our freeze-dried formulas, you get all the benefit of a raw diet along with the convenience of dry dog food. 


What’s Wrong With Feeding Your Dog Kibble? 

To understand why kibble isn’t a good choice for feeding your dog, you simply need to look at the production process. From the highly questionable ingredients which it contains, to the methods by which they’re processed, standard dry dog foods lack the basic nutritional building blocks necessary for your dog’s health. In fact, many ingredients contained in kibble are linked to various health problems. Here’s a look at the reasons you should think twice before purchasing another bag of kibble. 

“Feed Grade” Protein:

Did you know that it’s perfectly legal and normal for dog kibble to contain materials from diseased, non-slaughtered animals? This practice is rationalized by the fact that these materials are processed at an extremely high heat to kill off any bacteria. However, this process also kills any existing nutritional value that the meat may have contained.


Processed Ingredients: As mentioned, all of the ingredients that enter into dog kibble have to undergo some intense processing. This removes all nutritional value from the ingredients, so that synthetic minerals and vitamins must be added in at the end of the procedure. Processing foods in this way creates carcinogens and other pathogens that can be harmful to your dog’s health.


Carbohydrates: Dog’s aren’t meant to consume high starch foods and grains, which make up the majority of dry kibble. Even kibble that claims to be “grain free” can contain an alarming level of carbs from other sources such as potatoes, peas and lentils. These foods disrupt your dog’s insulin production and cause spikes of cortisol as well as weight gain.


Risk Of Bacteria & Spoiling: Unlike freeze-dried foods, kibble goes rancid quite easily, not to mention the fact that it can contain harmful bacteria and mites. Pets who are exposed to these storage mites can experience infections, inflamed skin, itching, and hair loss. Consuming compromised foods can result in sickness and long-term health problems for your dog.


Synthetic Colors and Additives

Due to the processing during production, kibble must be synthetically colored and flavored to be even slightly appetizing to any animal. All of the vitamins and minerals contained in dog kibble are synthetic and may cause a number of health problems, some of them fatal.



When it comes to food, simple and real are always the better choice. With mb eats, you can be sure your dog is getting human-grade, expertly selected ingredients that are kept at the peak of their freshness and guaranteed to provide all the nutritional value they need to live their best, healthiest lives! All of our superfood ingredients are handpicked for their unique health benefits and delicious flavors, and expertly combined for a mouth-watering result your dog won’t want to resist. 

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