Hanging Navy dog sweater with beige block letters that say APRES SKI
Hanging front side of navy Apres Ski dog sweater
Lay down navy Apres Ski sweater with cream turtleneck
Lay down front side of navy and cream Apres Ski sweater
Small brown dog wearing navy cream Apres Ski sweater

Après Ski Knit Jumper

$ 65.00

Size Guide



Our Après Ski Knit Jumper keeps your dog cozy, warm and ultra-fashionable. A luxuriously soft and stretchy knit, this jumper is sure to bring plenty of protection to your pup in the cold winter months. Not to mention, it conveniently keeps your home free of of dog hair! The contrasting color sleeves and collar make for a chic fashion statement après ski! 

Some dogs need warmth, protective coverings for medical conditions, or just a cute outfit for daily walks. And you want your pup to be stylish and your home free from dog fur. We've got you covered! 


  • Super soft acrylic yarn
  • Machine wash cold, delicate
  • Short sleeved, roll neck design


Size Neck Back Chest Perfect For
Small 8-10" 10-14" 12-15" Yorkshire Terrier 
Medium 11-13" 14-18" 14-17" Pug
Large 14-16" 15-21" 20-24" French Bulldog
Extra Large 16-18" 19-26" 26-30" English Bulldog
Extra Extra Large 19-21" 22-30" 30-34"


Please note this size chart is only a guideline and measurements are approximate depending on product.